Mastricci's Winery

The Apulian wine since 1950

Mastricci’s winery was founded at the beginning of the ‘50s by Mastricci Giuseppe who, with the passing of the time, has instilled in his five sons the love for their land, and they have later increased the family homesteads and improved the wineries.

Nowadays, Antonio e Giuseppe Mastricci, grandsons of the winery founder, carry on the work he started fifty years ago by physically working in the vineyards and wine cellars located in the countryside of Cerignola (Foggia), in the heart of Dauni Territory, particularly suitable for the cultivation of grapevines. Through the use of technologically advanced equipment, Mastricci’s winery provides high quality products, fresh musts, grape juices and wines.

The managers of the wine company MASTRICCI DI MASTRICCI ANTONIO & C. S.A.S. are Mr. Vincenzo and his sons, Giuseppe and Antonio, who carry out all agricultural, wine cellar and administrative tasks, with the help of valuable and reliable external collaborators.


The supervision of the production has already executed in the vineyard, caring about the state of health and maturation of grapes, which give the best of them in warm and windy lands of Capitanata. Our productions have always been oriented especially to the supply of big quantity for packaging companies and dealers. Recently we have also added some quality and typicality certifications to our activities and the improvement of production processes with some modernization. Our storage capacity is about Hl 100.000,00 all in inox steel cisterns.


Actually the winery manages about 30 hectare of vineyard dedicated principally to the cultivation of red grapes. The planting density of vineyards varies, depending on the cultivated varieties, from 1.900 to 3.200 vines per hectare, the vines age goes from 5 years of new implants to 30 years of the old ones. The production of grape can reach a maximum of 220 q per hectare with very low yields per vine which guarantee perfectly ripe grapes.

The agricultural management is organic and in the vineyard is only used natural practice with biological and biodynamic preparations.


The maceration takes place in steel tanks and at monitored temperature. Our company’s objective is to increase the commercial knowledge on the national and foreign territory, contributing- with who buys- to the creation of products suitable to the request, by matching the good quality and the right price.

The continuous attention during the production processes and the immeasurable desire to grow, have made possible for dreams to come true.


The winery is in Cerignola, practically in the Daunia’s core and at the foot of the famous Gargano.

The winery has technologically advanced tools, which anyway respect the grape nature, which come to be transformed. All processes are carefully and directly followed by Mastricci Antonio, his brother Mastricci Giuseppe and with the help of trusted external collaborators.

The wine obtained by precious grapes of their company is constantly valued in all the winemaking processes with attention and dedication with particular attention to the evolution of the tannins of some types of indigenous grape varieties.


Mastricci’s philosophy is a company in continuous evolution, expansion and improvement, which knows how to satisfy the needs of the international and national clients.

We want our wine to express the greatest expression of our love for the Apulian land. Our main objective: to produce wines with quality and personality, by respecting the typicality, which assert themselves in Italy and abroad and contribute to the promotion of territory of origin.

Wine represents the symbol of the renovated union between life and thought, between passion and reason, between vice and virtue, measure and excess, in what is meant to be an interpretation of philosophy precisely starting from the beloved drink which in the common sense perhaps represents the counterpart of the love of knowledge.
Massimo Donà, Filosofia del vino.